Rules of the Associate Program




1. Overview of Associate Program

Official launch held 9th November 2005, with program trialled over 3 months. Focus group led by PP Rtn’s. Graeme Fleming and PE Peter Roan met regularly with key representatives from the proposed Associate group and also Members of RC Orange Daybreak. Associate program formally endorsed by the Board RC Orange Daybreak at the Extraordinary Board meeting held 10 February 2006.


2. Purpose of the Associate Program & Eligibility Guidelines

To provide an introduction to Rotary for professional people within the Orange Community, with the ultimate aim of the program being a stepping stone to Rotary Membership when appropriate.


3. Initial Criteria/ subsequent requirements to be met by the potential Associate

· Attendance at Orange Daybreak Club meeting:

The Associate will be required to attend minimum of one meeting per month.

The 1st meeting of month has been selected as the regular meeting for Associates to attend as a group however, they may attend other meetings. Every endeavour will be made to have Guest Speaker topic related to Rotary for this meeting.

· Attendance/assistance at Orange Daybreak Club Community Service Project:

The Associate will be required to assist, either with Club Community Service activity or committee meeting, a minimum on once every two months.

All Community Service projects are those approved and organised by RC Orange Daybreak, however suggestions for service projects submitted by the Associates will be considered by the Board/ Club, including suggestions for fundraising activities.

· Attendance at Orange Daybreak Club Social Function:

The Associate will be required to attend a Rotary organised social function - at least once every three months.

To enable the Club Members and Associates opportunity to get to know one another in an informal setting


4. Application Format

The proposed Associate is to complete the specific Application form which includes Privacy Consent; application to be supported and signed by Rotarian. Application form is to be completed and forwarded to the Board prior to formal admission process.

· Each Associate is required to complete & sign the Child protection WWCC form and comply with all Rotary regulations in relation to any activity involving children. Club Membership

Director to ensure WWCC form is signed at time application is received.


4a Mentor

Each Associate is to have a Club Member nominated as mentor. Role of mentor is to inform the Associate on Rotary matters and provide support.


5. Endorsement / Formal Introduction at Club Meeting

Following receipt of application, the Associate would be formally admitted and welcomed by the Club President to extended family of Rotary International at the 1st meeting of the month but not at the same time as an induction of a Member. Should both situations occur at the same meeting the induction of a new Member is to be conducted first.

A specific format for official welcome and introduction of the Associate has been developed.


6. Identification Badge

Each Associate is to be presented with a name badge which is similar to that issued to a partner of a Member and to include “Associate” under the name.

The name badge is to be worn when attending meetings or participating in Club projects.


7. Inclusion on email list for Club Bulletin; contribution to Bulletin news

Each Associate is to receive a copy of the weekly Club Bulletin.

Information regarding the Associates, such as a “Who’s Who?”– mini biography with photographs - of both the Associates and also Club Member to be included. Also Information to be provided in the Bulletin as to who does what within the Club & District 9700


8. Provision of Rotary information

A Rotary information folder be devised and distributed to each Associate following formal admission.

To include suitable Rotary brochures and details re other Rotary Clubs


9. Financial requirement of Associate

Following formal admission the Associate is to contribute $50 donation per annum which is to be paid into the Rotary Foundation fund; further,

· that each Associate is to pay the regular Club fee for each meeting attended;

· that other related costs eg name badge / social functions to be met by the Associate.

Receipt to be issued by Club Treasurer as donation is tax deductible.

The “donation” fee per annum is equal to one quarter of the Member annual fee.


10. Public Liability Cover

The Associate is to be included under Club Public Liability Insurance (category -volunteer), whilst attending or participating in any approved activity or event of the Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak.


11. Matters pertaining to Associates to be included in Club By-Laws

Reference to the Associates program and relevant information is to be included in the Club By-laws.


12. Transition by Associate to Membership of Rotary

The Associate program is a pathway and introduction to Rotary and the Associate is to be encouraged to consider membership following a 12 -18 month period of either Orange Daybreak or other Rotary clubs. The Associate’s individual situation is to be taken into consideration and provided that the requirements of the Associate continue to be met, the Associate status is not to be negated should membership not be possible at that time.


13. Management of the Associate Program

The Associate program is to form part of the membership portfolio and is to be jointly managed by the President-Elect and Membership Service Director in liaison with the Club Service committee. Responsibility for on-going tasks such as issuing and processing of Application forms, maintenance of records pertaining to attendance requirements and contact details, collection of annual fee and issuing of receipts, ordering of and payment for badges/ shirts to be determined by the Membership Service Directorate. A review of the progress and viability of the program is to be undertaken on a 6 monthly basis, with an outcome report made available to the Board.


Developed: 10.02.06 Reviewed & Updated: 08.07.09 (NS)

(per Nannette Stevenson)

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