The 2021-2022 Board and Roles

RCOD Board 2021-2022


President: Bruce Smith

Out-going President: Sue Moffatt

President Elect: Michelle Duncan

Treasurer: Roslyn Cousins

Secretary: Graham Denney *


Membership: Neal Ford

Club Administration: Russell Martin *

Service: Deidre Fowler

Vocational: Roger Duff

Youth: Karen Somers

Foundation: Peter Roan *

Public Image: Bob Derrick *

* Second photo



Grievance Officer: Graeme Fleming

Child Protection Officer: Graham Denney

Bulletin Editor: John Spencer

Web Master & Facebook: Sue Moffatt

Welfare Officers: Lynne Lambell

Risk Assessment Officer: Murray Paterson

Weekly Guest Speaker Co-coordinator: Jara Lovecek

Farmers Market Representative: Charlie Fisher

Western Care Lodge Catering:  Monica Rickli

Past President’s Advisory Committee:

Bob Derrick, Graeme McLean, Murray Paterson, Peter Roan, Lynette Bullen, Graeme Fleming, John Willing, Russell Martin, Jill Everett, Peter Perriman, Michael Milston, Sue Moffatt

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2021- 2022 Changeover 


Lunch was held at the Waratah Sports Club to celebrate the 26th changeover of RCOD's Rotary year. The venue was warm and inviting, the food delicious and the fellowship vibrant and friendly, as always. The event moved along at a fast pace and it was most enjoyable.


During the changeover Ray Fleming was awarded RCOD Rotarian of the Year for his conscientious work with the Farmer Market and outstanding efforts for Orange's Biggest Garage Sale; and Julie Fleming was given a President's Pride of Workmanship Award for her years of service as Secretary for the Club, projects and as Executive Secretary.


Click here to see some photos of the changeover luncheon.


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